RAPIDlink Managed 4G LTE Router

Connectivity Made Easy

RAPIDlink managed 4G LTE routers make connectivity easy for remote sites, standalone networks, or mission-critical applications where high network availability and 4G failover are required. 

Designed exclusively for the professional installer and integrator, RAPIDlink routers provide the features and reliability required.

Supplied ready for use with in-built 4G connectivity and our secure cloud portal for 24/7 remote management, RAPIDlink routers are fast and easy to install, configure and manage.


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RAPIDlink Explainer

RAPIDlink is powered by PERMACONN, Australia’s leading provider of mission-critical communications, bringing the proven and reliable technology from the security industry to the wider communications market.

RAPIDlink Features Overview

Explore the features of the RAPIDlink RL10, RAPIDlink Portal and RAPIDlink end-user Mobile App.