RAPIDlink Features

High Speed 4G LTE

Flexible Data Pooling

RAPID Set-up and Install

One Stop Managed Service

Mission-Critical Reliability

Dual-SIM Automatic Fail-over

RAPIDlink routers support dual-SIM 4G > 4G fail-over, providing the capability to automatically switch Telco networks for all critical connectivity requirements, at no additional cost

24/7 Remote Management

Avoid expensive truck rolls with our managed service and secure cloud portal. With Permaconn's private communications network you have 24/7 secure remote access to devices in the field regardless of how you choose to configure the public-facing firewall of the router.

Flexible and Versatile

RAPIDlink routers are your multi-tool for solving connectivity problems on client sites. They can provide wired or wireless connections upstream (WAN) and downstream (LAN), act as a passthrough link with automatic failover from IP to 4G or bridge an existing network while increasing redundancy.
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