Flexible Data Pooling

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RAPIDlink provides a range of data plans from 100MB to 100GB per month and provides data pools and top-up options at every plan level. Data plans and data pools are charged monthly, and can be started, changed, suspended and cancelled at any time.

This makes the RL10 suitable for low-bandwidth IoT applications all the way up to high-bandwidth real-time video streaming, and as a backup to fixed-line Internet.

RAPIDlink each device includes pre-installed SIMs enabling it to use both the Telstra and Optus networks, and to fail-over between, them at no extra cost.  Unique to RAPIDlink, these data plans are independent of the actual telco used, so you only pay once, while having access to both networks.

RAPIDlink provides multiple features to control data consumption and spend.  Once in a data plan, each device will send email alerts once its used 85%, 95% and 100% of its allocated data.   Data top-ups can be conducted manually via the RAPIDlink Portal or configured to be added automatically.