High Speed 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

RAPIDlink routers use high-speed 4G LTE networks and the latest chipsets to support higher bandwidth applications such as video streaming, remote web access and backup to NBN and other fixed Internet connections.

The RAPIDlink RL10 router uses a high-speed, Australian-certified, Cat 4 modem to provide maximum speed and reliability on both the Telstra and Optus networks.

Pre-installed with both Telstra and Optus SIMs, the RAPIDlink RL10 will automatically test both networks and select the best network for speed and reliability for that location.

If the selected 4G network has an outage, then the RAPIDlink RL10 will automatically fail-over to the secondary 4G network.

The two externally mounted 4G antennas and ground-plane provides the installer the flexibility to locate antennas in the best location for optimal signal strength.   In especially difficult RF environments, RAPIDlink can also supply a high-gain antenna for improved range and signal strength.

Supplied ready for use with in-built 4G connectivity and our secure cloud portal for 24/7 remote management, RAPIDlink routers are fast and easy to install, configure and manage.

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