Managed Service

RAPIDlink by Permaconn is designed make the life of a system integrator and/or installer easy by providing all the products and services required to connect devices to the internet, whether that be for remote access, payment gateways, M2M applications, back-up to fixed-line Internet and more.

SIMs and Data Included

RAPIDlink routers are pre-provisioned with two SIMs and is ready to be activated on site in moments.

Data Plans are selected from the RAPIDlink portal, and payment is via credit card or on account by Permaconn, the company behind RAPIDlink.

Management Portal Included

The RAPIDlink Management Portal allows you to manage a fleet of RAPIDlink routers, monitoring the health, data consumption, data plans, signal strength and configuration of dozens or hundreds of RAPIDlink routers.

The RAPIDlink portal works from laptop, tablet or mobile phone, so you can configure and manage your fleet while on the road.

VPN Included

All RAPIDlink routers support VPNs so that you can securely link devices and provide secure remote access to other systems on site.

RAPIDlink can provide one or more VPN servers, or you can use your own.

Technical Support

The RAPIDlink Tech Support team is your single point of contact for any issue related to setup, configuration or troubleshooting the router, connectivity, VPN, firewall and more.

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