Mission Critical Reliability

RAPIDlink is designed, built and supported by Permaconn, the market leader in mission-critical communications for the security industry.

Dual SIM and Network Failover

RAPIDlink routers monitor the health of the 4G network connection and if it detects a problem, will automatically activate and switch to the alternate 4G network. The system will automatically continue to test both networks until it achieves a stable connection.

Hardware Reliability

RAPIDlink devices are designed from the ground-up to be the most reliable devices on the market and designed for the integrator that never wants to have to revisit a site because of a faulty unit.

RAPIDlink is designed and manufactured by Permaconn, a company that has been at the forefront of communication technology for the security industry for more than 15 years and has established a superb reputation for reliability. Permaconn devices are often used to reboot other technology systems that are not so reliable.

System Watchdogs

RAPIDlink routers have on-board system watchdogs that continually monitor the health of the system, and when they discover an issue, will automatically take actions to resolve the issue.

System watchdog systems operate at multiple levels – for example, if the router cannot reach the 4G network it will take a set of actions up to and including resetting the cellular module, trying the alternative SIM and network. If a watchdog detects and issue with the operating system, it can take actions including power-cycling and rebooting the router. While these actions are rarely needed, these automatic actions can often prevent the need for a site-visit.

Security, Upgrades and Reliability

RAPIDlink is will automatically update its own firmware with security updates. These updates occur in a maintenance window of your choice. RAPIDlink devices will automatically validate the firmware update image, update itself and check that it’s operating correctly after the update. If the system detects any issue, it will roll-back to a recovery image to ensure that the router will continue to operate without manual intervention.

Remote Management

RAPIDlink routers are managed remotely using the RAPIDlink Portal which means that you can always reach a RAPIDlink device, even if you make a mistake configuring firewall rules.

With automatic failover between IP and 4G and 99.99% network uptime, RAPIDlink provides you and your clients with peace of mind.

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