Rapid Set-up and Install

Save time on site with RAPIDlink.

Our units are compact, easy to mount and ready to use straight out of the box with pre-provisioned 4G connectivity. Simply log into the RAPIDlink portal using a laptop, tablet or mobile to activate the device, and activate a data plan and the device will be activated immediately.

From the portal you can check signal strength, allowing you to optimise the location of the antennas for optimal speed and reliability, and make any configuration changes you like, including VPN, Port Forwards, WiFi access points, configure the Inputs and Outputs and more.

With RAPIDlink, you don't need to source SIM cards and data plans separately, as all RAPIDlink devices are pre-provisioned and ready to go, and data plans are activated immediately via the RAPIDlink Portal.

The enclosure of the RL10 has magnetic mountings on the base, making it easy to attach to the inside of a metal enclosure, or simply screw it to a board, or use the optional DIN rail mounting kit.

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